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Newsquest, the UK’s leading local media group, is launching an apprenticeship scheme in partnership with the Young Reporter Scheme . This initiative is for students from aged 16 and over who are no longer in full time education. It is a pathway for young people who want to kick start their career and earn the industry standard NCTJ qualification while being employed by Newsquest.


Students can complete a 36-month apprenticeship consisting of the 18-month Level 5 apprenticeship, followed by the two-year Level 7, resulting in a permanent role at the Newsquest title they’ve been working at. There is also a four-year degree apprenticeship option which allows them to get the university experience with full backing from Newsquest Media Group who will cover all university fees.

Any students already in The Young Reporter Scheme in Year 10 can be fast-tracked onto the apprenticeship scheme in Year 11 and students joining the scheme in Year 11 can start straightaway, if this is a career that they wish to consider. 

All schools in England are invited to participate in the initiative but currently Scotland and Wales schools are not permitted due to the current requirements of the government apprenticeship levy.

As part of our commitment to newsroom diversity we are particularly keen to welcome youngsters from diverse backgrounds such as socio-economic, age, ethnicity and culture, gender, race, religion, sexual orientation and those with disabilities that represent the communities for which we write.


  • You will be earning a real wage from the very start of your apprenticeship

  • We will train you in the skills that we expect from all our journalists

  • You will be setting yourself up for your future within the media industry

  • Once you have completed your training, you will see a marked salary increase



The educational establishment who will provide the apprenticeship role, is key in helping apprentices with off-the-job training, assessment of their progress during the course and generally supporting the apprentice throughout the training period.


All colleges and universities work closely with Newsquest Media Group to ensure that the apprentice receives:


  • An induction programme

  • A detailed training plan

  • Regular reviews


For an information pack, please email

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