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The Young Reporter Scheme is committed to ensure that this website and its contents are accurate and up to date.

Copying or publishing of any of the material from the website is prohibited, unless express permission is granted by a permanent member of the management team of the Young Reporter Scheme.

Articles written in the Award Brochure and Student Comet are made up entirely of students’ work and there is no input from Young Reporter Scheme staff. The students are part of a work experience scheme backed by their schools/colleges and we make every attempt to ensure that these articles, are free from any inaccuracies or libellous statements. 

Students who are part of this programme are between the ages of 14 and 18; they are not qualified journalists, have not studied media law and whilst we give them explicit instructions on what they can and cannot write, we cannot be held responsible for any articles that have been written with inaccurate information.

We do everything possible to aim for complete accuracy in every article written but should an inaccuracy be identified, especially if this is damaging, we will remove the relevant article, with immediate effect on receipt of a written complaint.

All complaints need to be made through our Contacts page on this website, or in writing to our registered offices and addressed to Complaints Department, Young Reporter Scheme Limited, The Annex, 143-145 Stanwell Road, Ashford, Middlesex, TW15 3QN.

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