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Dylan Danno

Dylan was a Young Reporter with us back in 2013 and won Best Event. He said at the time that the scheme helped him delve into the world of journalism, while learning in depth about his local area. 
Looking back now, he said that he felt the scheme opened his horizons, as he was much more technical minded and it allowed him to develop his writing skills, which he felt he had been neglecting. He said that his favourite part of the scheme was the investigation aspect and enjoying doing research for his article topics, where he found out a lot of information about his local area that he hadn't been aware of before. 
After leaving school, Dylan went on to study Engineering at the University of Cambridge and has since found a job at Shipamax, working as a Data Scientist. 
Dylan Danno
2013 Young Reporter
Alumni Series
Episode 15:
 Interview with 
Dylan Danno 
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