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Ioana Staicu

Ioana was one of our Event category winners in 2018. She said that taking part in the scheme helped her improve her ability to meet deadlines and also met lots of new people in the process. 
As a non-native English speaker, Ioana said that the scheme really helped her improve her writing skills and encouraged her confidence, as she was able to get out into her local community more and find out what was going on around her.
Nowadays, Ioana is studying Psychology and Linguistics at The University of Edinburgh and is also the Director of Model UN at the United Nations Association - Youth Platform. She told us that the Young Reporter Scheme helped with both these aspects of her life, as it improved her organisational skills and prepared her for future tasks.
Ioana Staicu
2018 Young Reporter
Alumni Series Episode 3:
Interview with
Ioana Staicu
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