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Mahnoor Shoaib

Mahnoor was one of our Feature category winners in the class of 2018. She said that the scheme gave her a platform to express her ideas and views and she also enjoyed the creative side of writing. It was one of her first work experiences and she found it exciting to take part in and felt like a real journalist. 
She is currently studying Law at the University of Warwick. Mahnoor told us how being a Young Reporter has helped her in degree, as it taught her about working to a deadline and how she has to manage her time to be able to meet that deadline.
She said that the scheme is a good thing to do when you're unsure about your future career, as it gives you the ability to write about what interests you, which could encourage students to discover new passions throughout. 
Mahnoor Shoaib
2018 Young Reporter
Alumni Series 
Episode 17:
Interview with
Mahnoor Shoaib
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