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Melissa Thorne

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Melissa took part in the scheme in 2011 and won in the Photography and Extra Mile category with her article interviewing Dominic Raab, who was only a local MP at the time. She said that the scheme was a really interesting and exciting opportunity, as she had been interested in news for a long time and loved the variety that a career in journalism could give her.
After leaving school she studied English and French at the University of Oxford and now works in local government, as a Policy, Publishing and Editorial Officer. She said that even though her work isn't specifically in journalism now, she has to write up about lots of local issues and uses the skills she gained from being a Young Reporter. She is also currently studying towards the NTCJ qualification in journalism and hopes to pursue a career in it once she has finished. 
Melissa Thorne
2011 Young Reporter
Alumni Series 
Episode 10:
Interview with 
Melissa Thorne 
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