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Nicola Evans

Nicola took part in the Young Reporter Scheme in 2015 and walked away with the Best Reporter and Best Event prize. She said that the scheme gave her more confidence in her writing ability and gave her an insight into what it would be like to be a journalist. 
Originally joining the year before, Nicola pulled out before it started, as she thought it would be too much work, but regretted it instantly and made sure she applied again the following year.
She said it was one of the best decisions she made whilst at school and was really pleased she decided to reapply and take part. Nicola said the scheme not only improves your writing, but it gets you more in touch with your local community and gives you the confidence to go out and speak to people.
Nicola Evans
2015 Young Reporter
Alumni Series
Episode 13:
 Interview with 
Nicola Evans
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