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Oriana Campbell-Palmer

Oriana picked up prizes in the Breaking News and Photograph categories during her time as a Young Reporter in 2017. She said the scheme allowed her to analyse, argue and articulate her views and hone her journalism skills. The completion of her articles every month, also added to the overall enjoyable experience. 
She said that taking part in the scheme helped her to learn a lot about her local community, as she discovered information she didn't know about before. 
Nowadays, Oriana is studying Politics and Sociology at the University of Leeds, alongside working as a junior researcher at INC360. She said that the writing skills she learned as a Young Reporter has helped her in her work, as she has to write reports and she uses those skills that she developed. 
Oriana Campbell-Palmer
2017 Young Reporter
Alumni Series 
Espiode 16:
Interview with 
Oriana Campbell-Palmer
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