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Drum roll please...

For many years Young Reporter has run a competition at the end of each year for students taking part in the scheme to compete against each other.

The categories since inception, have been Breaking News, Event, Interview, Feature and Photograph and we have seen some amazing entries in all these groups over the years.

This year we have decided to change one of them. From September 2020, Feature will now be replaced with…Sport!

Throughout the years, we have seen some fantastic sports articles written by our students, so we felt that sport deserved its own category.

Feedback from some of our previous Young Reporters has shown us that many of them have been interested in Sports Journalism as a career. This is a competitive market to get into, so students interested in this now have a focus, knowing that there is a category to compete in especially for them, which will look great on a CV or UCAS application.

We look forward to seeing the future Paul Hayward and Henry Winter amongst our students!

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