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Introducing Grapevine News!

In January 2022, Grapevine News was launched – – an online newspaper dedicated to students doing the Young Reporter scheme.

This paper was an opportunity for us to publish the articles that most fell in within the criteria expected of our Young Reporters, with regard to content and style.

Whilst doing the programme, students attend online lectures, to teach them how to write an article most suitable for the Newsquest Media Group online newspapers and those that follow the advice given in these lectures, find themselves being showcased on the Grapevine News. It is a way forward to enforce what is expected of students going through the programme and to reward those that have followed the guidelines.

Schools said in the past that it would be good to have another outlet for students’ work and so the Young Reporter team came up with Grapevine News.

Readers can look up articles in various sections from News, Entertainment and Sport to What’s On and Opinion pieces. We send our Young Reporters all over the place to cover various events and it is always interesting for us to read about these events, seen through the eyes of a young person.

Those that get their articles uploaded are delighted to have achieved success on another online platform, which the Young Reporter Scheme hope will go from strength to strength.

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