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The Young Reporter Scheme needs your help!

The Young Reporter Scheme is an online journalist work experience opportunity for students in years 10 to 13, that has been running since 2008. We give them the ability to write for a real online newspaper, which reaches millions every month.

Each year the scheme runs for eight months and students are treated as if they are real live journalists. They are encouraged to get out into their community, write about local issues and interview local people, which many have said improved their communication skills.

The scheme helps students to build their confidence, as they are able to express themselves freely and really push themselves out their comfort zones. For some, they also discover what they want to do as a career through doing the scheme and we are immensely proud as an organisation to help young people believe in themselves and their capabilities.

Whilst several of our students go on to find careers in journalism or the media, many choose other paths. However, all our ex Young Reporters have said how much the scheme helped them with time management, organisation and improving their writing skills, which they have taken forward into the working world. You can listen to the podcasts with ex Young Reporters on our Alumni page -

As we are a self-funding operation, we struggle every year to keep this scheme running, but the pandemic has meant our funding has been further cut and we now need your help.

With additional funds, we will be able to spend a lot more on advertising, PR and marketing over the summer, in order to reach more schools and students to offer them this opportunity in September. Every year we take hundreds of students through the scheme, but there are thousands who never hear about us, as we are unable to advertise widely due to budget constraints.

Although the pandemic has affected us financially, it has not stopped our ability to operate, as we are an online scheme. We are therefore desperate to keep this worthwhile academic opportunity available to every student who is keen to take part. It is not just a work experience, it is a resource for a lot of students to give them a platform to voice their opinions and investigate topics which are important to them.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read about us and please spread the word where you can! We would be really grateful for any financial help possible, to secure the future of this scheme. All donations given will be put towards advertising, marketing and the ongoing running costs of the company.

With many thanks,

The Young Reporter team.

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