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Young Reporter experience in Africa

In 2014, The Young Reporter Scheme went to Africa to work with students from very different backgrounds.

This was a humbling experience as some of these students suffered extreme hardships to access the internet to send their articles. There was sometimes no internet access at all but with sheer determination, one student shone out above the rest.

Abdoulie Jammeh was a pupil at the Nusrat Senior Secondary School in The Gambia when he applied to do the scheme.

Abdoulie Jammeh, participant of the Young Reporter scheme in 2014.

He said: “The Young Reporter Scheme honed my skills, opened my horizons and prepared me well for an exciting role as an African journalist. For me participating in the scheme was a rewarding experience as I had the rare opportunity to write as a correspondent for the British media.”

From school he went onto study Digital Media & Journalism together with Public Relations at The University of The Gambia.

Initially Abdoulie found a niche in the UN formerly working for migration in the International Organisation for Migration (IOM) as a Communications Assistant.

He said: “I interned in the Communications and Awareness department using my skills in journalism, to raise awareness on the risks of irregular migration and tell the stories of migrant returnees in a positive light.”

From there he left the IOM to join the United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS) and took on a role as a Community Liaison and Communications Associate. This involved working on a rehabilitation programme improving access to markets and socio facilities for vulnerable populations in The Gambia.

He added that the scheme put him ahead and significantly contributed to career development presenting opportunities, which wouldn’t have been available without the skills and experience learned from participating in the Young Reporter scheme.

Next summer he hopes to come to the UK for his postgraduate studies to pursue a degree in Globalisation, Innovation and Sustainable Development, in order to break into the International Development and Humanitarian Aid sector. He intends to use his background and skills in journalism to tell compelling human interest stories and behavioural change communications.

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