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Young Reporter reaches for the stars

This year for the first time, Newsquest's Young Reporters were given the opportunity to compete for tickets to win Up at The O2, a ninety minute climb across the roof of the world's most popular entertainment venue.

The 365 metre hike across this iconic landmark, reaches 52 metres at its highest peak and is certainly not a trip for the faint hearted.

Kinshuk Jain from Wilson's School in Wallington who won the tickets, said: "Up at The O2 was a phenomenal experience, offering adventure coupled with spectacular views."

Making the ascent after dark and doing the Twilight Climb, Jain was able to see a magnificent view of the London skyline lit up by thousands of lights.

Tim Lissimore, Senior Deputy Head at Wilson's said: "We are delighted that Kinshuk could enjoy this unique opportunity. He has really enjoyed taking part in the Young Reporter Scheme so far!"

As part of the agreement with The O2, Jain had to write an article about his experience plus a destination piece about the facilities and activities on offer.

Daniel Hurst, Head of Attractions at The O2 arranged the tickets for Newsquest. He said "Up at The O2 were more than happy to support such a brilliant project and assist in giving a valuable experience to an aspiring journalist.

"It's great to see such a thorough article and I'm pleased to hear that the experience was enjoyed and played a crucial part in their development."

To read Kinshuk Jain's article please click here.

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