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Raveena Rao

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Raveena took part in the Young Reporter Scheme as part of the 2014/15 class. She walked away with a prize in the Event category and said that doing the scheme taught her about meeting deadlines and learning about her local community. 
After graduating with First Class Honours from the University of Warwick with a Law degree, Raveena is now in her Postgraduate stage studying the Legal Practice Course at the University of Law and is due to start her training contract with a London law firm in August 2022. 
She said that before she was a Young reporter, she felt that she didn't have any work experience or anything to set her apart, so taking part in the scheme was exciting and a really great opportunity.
Raveena Rao
2015 Young Reporter
Alumni Series Episode 9: 
Interview with 
Raveena Rao
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